The Premier Corporate Access and Resource Valuation Solution

The CorpAxe suite of products allows institutional investors, from the largest asset managers and sovereign wealth funds to the smallest hedge funds, to easily discover, source, track, and log all of their most valued interactions. With CorpAxe, asset managers have complete command over their meetings, leading to firms that are more efficient and capable of complying with the ever-changing financial regulatory environment.



The most comprehensive single source containing global corporate access events, sell side analyst marketing, and event data relevant to the investment process.


An end-to-end solution for making connections, organizing events and conferences, and coordinating complex itineraries, all designed to work with any type of asset manager, from a new launch to a large, established buy side firm. No matter what your firm’s workflow is, CorpAxe can handle it.


All of your interactions in one place, ready to be analyzed and valued. With CorpAxe, the buy side can leverage accurate, timely, and clean consumption data, while the sell side can trust its content will be valued the right way.

Our Team

The experience of our team is what makes our products the best in the industry. Our employees have spent years on the sell and buy sides working in the same roles as our clients. This means we understand the nuances of the business. We’re solving real problems and building tools that move our industry forward.

Mark Pellegrino

Ed Byon
CTO & Co-Founder

Christina Barretto
COO & Co-Founder

Dan Strzelec

Cari Walker
Chief Strategy Officer

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