Direct Sellside Feeds

We work directly with sellside firms to upload their events via our API/XML Upload Tool. For sellside firms without internal IT resources, we provide a portal to manually enter events which adhere to our rigid standards.


Every event goes through our proprietary validation process which gives us the ability to provide the buyside with events tagged with the appropriate sector, corporates, analyst and experts.

Domain Expertise

We have a combined 20+ years of experience working on the sellside developing proprietary tools (CRM, Corporate Access Management) to track Resource Allocation.

SaaS Model

We offer a cloud-based API that can be leveraged to upload or extract data from our platform. Everything available on our platform is also available via our API for both the buyside and sellside.

Company Overview

Finiato Inc.

Finiato Inc. was founded in 2014 with the mission to create scalable and innovative solutions for financial services through client-focused collaboration, data-driven decisions and cutting-edge technologies. The team has been working together for more than five years, and has known each other for over 10 years. Prior to starting the company, the team has been building a variety of sellside information system solutions for management, sales, trading and research teams globally.


Finiato’s inaugural product is a cloud-based, proprietary corporate access system that allows buyside clients to view aggregated sellside marketing calendars in one sortable and filterable web-based, forward-looking events calendar. CorpAxe allows for customizable options for buyside PMs and Analysts, as well as reporting analytics for management. Additionally, CorpAxe allows our buyside clients to manage conference registrations/deadlines, open requests for access, confirmed meetings and attendees, historical meeting consumption, no shows and cancellations.

Company/Team Overview

We are an application development team at heart, we have been building workflow tools for the last 8 years and understand the nuances around data, reporting, compliance and aggregation that the buyside and sellside clients require.

Ed Byon

CEO & Co-Founder

Ed is the co-founder and CEO at Finiato. Prior to Finiato, Ed was a Managing Director at Jefferies LLC where he led a team in architecting its firm-wide proprietary information sharing portal, CRM and Corporate Access Management platform. He was actively involved in collaborating with the Heads of Equity Research, Sales, Trading and Corporate Access to provide technology solutions to their respective businesses and clients. Prior to Jefferies, Ed was the Head of Software Development at Polaris Advisors, a multi-strat hedge fund with $1B AUM. Ed started his career at Oracle and has been architecting new and innovative technology platforms for the last 15 years. Ed earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT. In his spare time, Ed likes to play his ukulele, teach math to inner city youths and arguably watches more college & pro football games than anyone on this planet.

Alex Stewart

Global Head of Sales & Strategy

Prior to CorpAxe, Alex spent 8 years with JP Morgan (New York) working in Institutional Sales and most recently running the Global Sales Desk. Alex started his career in 2000 with Citigroup (London) working in Sales & Trading before relocating to New York in 2006 where he spent two years as a Product Manager for the Citigroup Research Management team. Alex has a Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Florida.

Christina Barretto


Christina is the COO and CFO at Finiato. Prior to Finiato, Christina was a Senior Vice President at Jefferies LLC where she led a team in developing and implementing Fixed Income client management and business management initiatives. She was actively involved in collaborating with the Heads of Fixed Income Sales and Trading desks to identify cross-sell opportunities within the firm as well as liaise with the support teams in executing cross-functional projects across the organization. Prior to Jefferies, Christina was at Barclays Capital in the Fixed Income Client Strategy group. Christina began her career at Lehman Brothers in 2003 as an analyst in the Residential Mortgage Securitization Banking group. Christina graduated magna cum laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2003 with a BS in Information Technology with a concentration in Finance. In her spare time, Christina likes to learn about personal finance and is pursuing her CFP certification.

Chris Wong

CTO & Co-Founder

Chris is the co-founder and CTO at Finiato. Prior to Finiato, Chris was a Senior Vice President at Jefferies LLC where he led a team in developing the firm’s proprietary client relationship management system used by over 4,000 employees. He also worked directly with the management teams from Fixed Income and Equity Research developing applications focused on commission management and external research distribution. Prior to Jefferies, Chris was a senior software engineer at Resolve Technology and has over 12 years experience in various senior technology positions. He graduated from Cornell University with an engineering degree in Computer Science and a concentration in Economics. In his spare time, Chris likes to participate in as many running races as he can and develop mobile applications based on sports trivia and other fun facts.

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